My Project Life Story


Hello, today I wanted to talk about Project Life. If you don’t know about Project Life, it is a new approach to scrapbooking. A way for anyone, meaning scrapbookers and NON-scrapbookers to document their life over the course of a year in a non-traditional scrapbooking approach. Project Life began a few years ago, created by scrapbooker, Becky Higgins. If you would like to learn more about Project Life please visit Becky Higgins’ website.

So with that being said, I wanted to share my Project Life story with you all. I was first introduced to Project Life in 2009. I thought it would be a great idea to capture my life one day at a time, especially seeing as how I knew within the year a lot of changes would be taking place. So I decided to begin Project Life, June 1, 2009. I thought this would be great, since it would capture the last month and a half with out children, my life as a new mother, along with our last year living in Nashville, my husband graduating from Professional School, leaving a job I enjoyed, and our move back to The Lone Star State. Yes, a lot would be going on, so why not document every moment?

I was very excited about Project Life and I must admit, I hit the ground running. Purchased a 3-ring scrapbook, purchased my protective sleeves, found some free journaling cards online, created my cover and all before June 1st. Once June 1st rolled I was ready to begin and begin I did…..and all was going well, until Michael Jackson and Fara Fassit passed away. That was the last entry in my Project Life. I know, I’m shaking my head too! I don’t know why the two of them passing away effected me so. LOL But needless to say, the book has yet to be completed…….
So on to the end of 2010, I found out the week of Christmas that we were expecting baby #2, and I thought again that it would be great to document the next year… with one kid…life with two kids. 🙂 This time I didn’t even hit the ground. Project Life had in fact just become passing thought.

Now, why am I telling you all this, when I didn’t even finish this project….well…..because I have FINALLY after all these years, have truly jumped on board with Project Life and all it had to offer. I told myself at the end of 2012 that I would begin and complete Project Life in 2013. And begin and complete I did! 2013 was definitely my year and I look forward to seeing how this year and the many more years to come will go. So yes, I am indeed a Project Lifer! It is definitely a project to try out at least once. And the good thing is you can make it your own. Do it your way, on your terms – there is truly no pressure. So with that, I hope that my story will inspire you to jump aboard the Project Life train and create some fun memories which you and future generations will definitely over the years.

With that being said, please join me for the remainder of this week as I share what I have learned about Project Life since completing my 2013 album.

Above: My 2013 Project Life Albums, a quote I found on Pinterest, as well as the first and last pages of my 2013 Project Life

I look forward to sharing with you all tomorrow my process for Project Life.

Happy Scrappin’,

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