Project Life: Supplies

Hello Everyone! Today, I will be discussing supplies needed in order to get started with Project Life. Below, you will find good basic supplies to have on hand to help get you started:

12×12 Album
Protective Sleeves (I currently use Design A and D by Project Life)
Project Life Kit
Photo Journaling Pens
Date Stamps
Additonal Journaling cards
Acid -Free Journaling Pens
Pictures! 🙂

When you go on social media, i.e. Pinterest, Instagram, etc., it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the pretty project life pages full of pretty paper, embellishments, perfect pictures, and everything else, so it is essential that you realize up front that you have the right to choose, you can make this project what you want. Meaning, if you only want to document on a Monthly Basis, do just that. If you want to go with a weekly review approach, do that, if you want to document the everyday, DO THAT. There is truly no wrong or right way to do this project.
Take myself for example, when I started my 2013 album, I kept things simple – for me. I literally just wrote the dates for the weeks, did my journaling cards, sometimes journaled on my pictures.

As time progressed, I felt more comfortable and decided to go ahead and begin to add embellishments to my layouts. If there were weeks when I didn’t want to do a lot of embellishing, I didn’t.

Again, there is no pressure. Make this your project. Later in life the people looking at your album won’t care how “pretty” the pages are. All they will think is how cool it is to have a book that literally captured your life and the lives of those around you. That is all. And this is the beauty of this whole journey call Project Life. Let’s document life and have fun doing it!

Happy Scrappin’

P.S. See you tomorrow as I will be discussing Project Life Inspiration and Printables.


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