Project Life: From A Beginner’s Perspective

Interview with Nicole

Let me begin this post with a little bit of background information. My dear friend, Nicole and her family came to visit us in March. Prior to visiting, I challenged her to complete a spread in my 2014 Project Life Album. And of course she (as always) was up for the challenge. I provided her with the photos from that week along with an already filled out journaling card from my husband….and then I sent her on her Project Life Way. LOL She completed the layout during her stay and I must say she did a great job and I hope at some point I will be able to convert her to the Project Life World. 🙂


So let’s begin with the interview:

How did you feel when I first approached you about creating a Project Life spread in my 2014 Album?
I was excited. I always get excited when you “invite” me to do things because your skill level is much higher than mine. So I’m glad you trusted me with it and so yeah, I felt honored.

What did you like most about the process?
I finally realizing there are no rules. There is no right or wrong way, you just do it. Knowing that someone will see my entry one day is amazing….it will be in your book, it will perminanetly be on display.

Did you learn anything during the process?
Yes. That I need to work on stamping. (as we both laugh) stamping takes patience.

What did you like the least?
LOL Ummmm, goodness I don’t think there’s anything….I mean I struggled with the stamping, but…..Ummmm….can we come back to that one. I guess the journaling since I don’t like my handwriting.

Would you consider yourself a scrapbooker?
I’m an infant in the scrapbooking world.

Since you do not consider yourself an “infant” in the scrapbooking world, is this something you think is easy to do for non-scrapbookers?

Did you feel like you had to embellish your layout? And if yes, why?
Yes. Because I didn’t want a Plain Jane page. I wanted to give it a scrapbook feel even though it’s more like a photo album.

What could I have done better to prepare you for the layout?
No. You were pretty straight forward. I was making it more. You were straight and direct.

Based on your experience what advise if any would you give a non-scrapbooker, or a scrapbooker who is thinking about embarking on the Project Life journey?
Just keep your mind open. There is no limitation, just do what you feel.

Is this something you yourself would consider doing?
Maybe. Only because I would fear getting behind and not being able to catch up. Maybe yes, if I could just work through my commitment issues. LOL

Nicole’s completed spread above.

I want to thank Nicole for her time in not only doing this interview with me, but also in completing a spread in my 2014 Project Life and keeping an open mind. I like how Nicole compared Project Life to a photo album. I think with that perspective, it takes the edge off, as Nicole stated so nicely, “there is no limitation, just do what you feel.” If you are new to Project Life, that is a great outlook…’s like a photo album and just do what you feel. There are no gimmicks. It just you documenting your story and showcasing it to those who will see the “Album” later. It’s a photo album with a little flair….so make it your own, and why not recruit others (i.e. Friends and family) to help you along the way.

Now go out and create something!



2 thoughts on “Project Life: From A Beginner’s Perspective

    • @Courtney W. Yea, how exciting!!!!! I’m glad that I was able to bring this back to the forefront for you. I sincerely hope that it is a project that you will think about “starting all over again.” You are making so many memories right now, why not capture them in this light.

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