DIY Cork Embellishments

Hello Everyone!
Right now, one of the up and coming hot items for scrapbooking are Cork Embellishment. I had been thinking for a while about trying some out….but after receiving a few from one of my fellow scrapbooking #Instafriend’s I knew this was definitely something I needed to try asap!

So I know you all are wondering, “how do you make those things?” Well, I’m telling you now, this will probably be one of the easiest, quickest and most fun DIY embellishments you will ever make! So let’s get started:

Materials Needed:
Any Shaped Punch (I used a 3/4″ Circle Punch)
Thin Cork Adhesive sheet ( I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby for #1.99)
Ink Pad (Here, I used ColorBox Frost White Ink)


Once you have gathered all of you materials:
1. Stamp your image onto your cork sheet
2. punch out the stamped image with your Shape Punch


That is absolutely it people! Two steps….well three if you consider gathering your materials as a step. How quick and awesome is that?!? Now you are ready to use these little buddies to spruce up any handmade card, Project Life card, or Scrapbook Layout. Cork Embellishments, Corkies….call them what you want to – either way, these things are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Now go out and create something and if you try out this technique please come back and let me know (in the comments section) how it goes for you and if you love it as much as I do. πŸ™‚

Happy Scrappin’


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