Project Life: Week 14 Black, White and Pink All Over


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday!!!

This week I decided to try a new approach to Project Life. I decided to take all of my photos in black and white and then add hints of pink to my Project Life spread. At the beginning of the year, I noticed one of my Insta-Friends had posted a Project Life spread in black and white……and I thought she had did the whole spread in black and white, but she later told me that she just change the color of the photo and it was not a black and white spread. I was totally inspired by the thought of a black and white Project Life spread, that I decided that I would at some point create my own spread doing just that. And since pink is one of my favorite colors, I would also incorporate that as well.



During the week, I made sure that I had the camera setting on my phone set to black and white and literally I shot all pictures in black and white mode. I had so many awesome prints to pick from. I especially liked the one from our local Starbucks where I was able to snap quite a few pictures of my oldest daughter, Elle, during our Mother-Daughter day date.
Nonetheless, I would like to encourage you all to take photos of your own in only black and white and create a black and white spread yourself, or even create a layout using a black and white photo.

If you haven’t done this before, I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and have some amazing shots to frame or scrapbook.
Until tomorrow…

Happy Scrappin’

~Nati J.

2 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 14 Black, White and Pink All Over

  1. I’m glad you are back and this is a great trend to try. I want to use black and white on my outfit posts but feel it will take away from it but I love this for scrapbooking!

    • @Courtney I love the look and feel of b&w photos. It’s like everything freezes in time. 🙂 Maybe you can try some b&w and color too….the same pic or maybe just post some photos of your accessories first in b&w. 🙂

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