Technique Thursday: Wine Cork Seal Brad Embellishments

Yes, you read that right, today we will be discussing how to make Wine Cork Seal Brad Embellishments. Now I know you’re probably wondering how in the world I came up with this idea….well, one day, I was opening up a bottle of Sisterhood Sweet Red Wine, and as I was taking off the seal (which reads “Cowboy” at the top), I thought, “ummm, that would be cool to use the top of this seal and place it on a brad for a future layout of Em and her cowgirl outfut.” So that is just what I did, and today I would like to share this technique with you all. So here we go!


Materials Needed:
Imaginisce i*top Brad Maker
Imaginisce i*top Medium Brad Daddies (22mm)
Wine Bottle Cork Seals (or scrapbooking paper or extra small photos)


Let’s Get Started!


1. First, what we will do is once the seal for the cork is cut out, we will place
the seal on the Imaginisce i*top Brad Maker.
2. Place the front side of the brad Brad on top
3. Press the Brad Maker tool down onto the brad top and the seal
4. Next place the bad side of the brad into the Brad Maker
5. Press the back end of the Brad into the front side of the brad and the seal
6. Now take your completed brad out
7. At this point, I like to smooth the edges of my brad down, by pressing it
(rolling it firmly) onto a hard surface
8. Now your brad is complete and ready to use on a card or layout.

See below the wine seals that I had on had that I made into Brad Embellishments:


Below is the layout I completed using the “Cowboy” Wine Seal Brad Embellishment:



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