ICAD Challenge


With the end of the school year, things have been busy around here.  I don’t know about you all, but we are ready for the summer break.  Although today is the first official day of the break, we still have dance recitals to check off the list before we can breathe. 
But all in all,  I’m glad to say I have been able to get into the studio and create! For the next two months I have decided to commit to participating in the ICAD Challenge by Daisy Yellow Art. 
ICAD stands for Index Card A Day. Each card is completed by using an index card and some form of Mixed Media.  I’m excited about this challenge as I feel as though it will help me to truly let go and enjoy the process of creating without thinking so much.  Plus it will also help me too take time out everyday to practice and enjoy my craft.  If any of you are participating in the ICAD Challenge please share the link to your blog in the comments below so we can check out your work and be inspired too.  Until then,  pictured above are the first four days from the challenge which I have created and below you will find larger individual photos. 


Day 4: This is a reminder to myself that I need to tap into my gifts and talents more.  Everything we need is already within us if we just reach for it.


Day 3: In light of graduation and dance recitals, this was only fitting.  🙂  Plus this is a good reminder for us all to reach for our dreams.


Day 2: A reminder for me to let go, have fun and just create.


Day 1:  Whatever we are going through or trying to achieve, no matter how hard it seems, we must always find joy in the process. 

I hope you enjoyed the first 4 ICADs. The plan is to share my process daily. I will also be posting on Instagram too if you would like to follow me there. In the meantime, for more info about the ICAD Challenge, check out the Daisy Yellow Art blog. 🙂

Happy Crafting!
Nati J.

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