Week In The Life 2015

Hello Everyone!  

Today, I want to talk about capturing memories, capturing life. When I think about this concept of capturing life’s memories, the quote that comes to mind is one by Marc Riboud, which states:  “taking pictures is saving life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”  And to me, that is so true. In 2007, I completed my first Week In The Life Album (which I will be sharing pics tomorrow), and I must say it is my absolute favorite by far.   It was an album pre-children, so I will be excited to see how the girls react to it when they are older. But every time I look at that particular album, it’s like I’ve been taken back in time and I am able to relive the moments of our everyday life all over again.   

So this week, I will be embarking on the Week In The Life Project which was created by Ali Edwards. If you are interested in learning more about this project, please visit her blog and check back here daily as I will be sharing my journey every step of the way. 

Week in the Life……I’m in, are you? 

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 


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