Week In The Life: Day 1 Overview

Hello Everyone!

It’s all about a Week In The Life this week. And today I’m sharing My Day 1….yesterday.  Remember this project is all about documenting/capturing our everyday lives. Read along see how my day went yesterday and the moments that I was able to capture! By the looks of the photo of me in bed, you can clearly see that I am by no means a morning person.  Elle woke me up…it’s Monday!  I had one of my favorite breakfasts…sausage not pictured. I had to document Em playing. She is so good at imagination play and I love the fact that she can play well by herself and with others.  An Observation that I made is that the eggs at Wal*Mart are way too expensive. I mean, I know there’s an egg shortage and all, but I think they are taking advantage of the situation so I went across the street to HEB and bought my eggs, there was a dollar difference in the price for the same brand!

 I was trying to capture my mascara….but this photo was an epic fail! LOL. My grocery list and I watched yesterday’s stories (The Young & The Restless), after we put the girls to bed…and the cool quotes, I found them on Instagram. 

  Elle made me pay her $0.25 for a piece of gum….mind you, I’m the one who purchased the gum for her. The girls were on 100 the whole time we were in Wal*Mart. No, they didn’t even know I was taking this picture. Elle put her earrings on by herself for the first time! You go girl! It is really time to clean my desk…please don’t judge!  Us after the kids went to bed, we were happy to get them in bed on time. We’re trying to get them back on track before school starts. 😀

Thank you for sharing my first day of my Week In The Life. Again, if you would like to know more about A Week In The Life, please visit Ali Edwards website here. Also, please feel free to follow me on Instagram by clicking here

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

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