Week in the Life: Day 2 Overview

WOW, two days down with the Week in the Life Project. Today I will be sharing with you all a breakdown of my yesterday. 

   I’m happy to have been able to capture the girls and how they greet Daddy when he comes home from work! Pure joy, Pure love!

 The girls woke up this morning ready to get their watercoloring on!  This was a great way for them to busy themselves seeing as how the cable guy was on his way. 
 After enjoying watercoloring, the girls moved on to playing with Dora, Barbies and Shopkins. Later they played with makeup and took a cute picture for me. 

 Definitely a snap shot of our day. The girls came and got in bed with me this morning, here they are knocked out. The cable guy came by to switch out our box, my husband’s reaction to Project Life (he doesn’t enjoy the process, but loves the end product) LOL. Today was laundry day, we’re getting ready for back to school, tacos for dinner, and I started going through my acrylic stamps…..I’m trying to reorganize my stuff. 

  This girl is always on her toes….our ballerina princess.  Me cooking dinner while the girls and Jason were at the playground. The quiet time was good to have.   

Tuesday was overall a good day. The thing I am grateful for on this day is that my husband understands the importance of me getting some alone time. It helps me to clear my mind and try to find balance in my world. 

Thank you for joining me on this overview of Tuesday in a Week in the Life of me. 😀

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

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