September Planner Layouts

Hello Everyone!  

Today I will be sharing my planner layouts for this month so far. So here we go! 

   Above is my monthly spread for September. Looking at this now the month is going to be quite busy! 

Up close of the left side.   Right Side up close

Now on to my weekly spreads. 

   August 31-September 6 Weekly Spread

Left Side up close.   
 Right Side up close.  

I had just purchased the flamingo stamp from Michael’s and I just had to use it.  With summer coming to a close, I figured I will milk it for what it’s worth! 😀

  All three stamp sets were $1 at Michael’s!  I had to get them, especially seeing as how they are the perfect size for decorating a planner. 

   September 7-13: 

There was a lot going on last week. It’s was the start of getting back into the swing of Dance Class as well as the beginning of Football Season….let’s go Cowboys!  I also wanted to pay tribute to the Heros, victims and survivors of 9.11…a day we will never forget here in America. 

  Left Side up close. 

 Right Side up close. 

And lastly, this week’s spread:

September 14-20: 

I’m sitting here trying to figure out when September got so busy. Anyway seeing as how this is the Official Last Week of Summer, I thought this illustration found on Pinterest would be a great add to my planner spread along with this awesome carnival theme Washi Tape that I found at Office Max! 

Left Side up close. 

 Right Side up close. 

Thank you all for joining me on my planner spread journey update for this month. I hope you all are having a Marvelous Monday!   

Happy Crafting! 

Nati J. 



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