Hands on Hands Mixed Media Art

Hello Everyone!  I haven’t done a Mixed Media piece in a while so I wanted to share this piece I started working on a few weeks back. 

I’ve had the idea of drawing hands in my mind for quite sometime now. And finally about 2 weeks ago, I built up the courage to just do it!  So what you see below is my very first attempt at sketching hands and then painting them. 

I used a background that I created in early summer to sketch my hands on. Once I sketched them, I let the piece sit on my desk for the past two weeks. I knew once I drew the hands that I would quote one of Taylor Swifts songs, This Love for my journaling.    

So here are the hands this afternoon after I finished painting them. Overall I’m happy with the look of the piece, with it being my first time and all. 

 Afterwards, I added my journaling, parts of the lyrics to This Love. I’m thinking I may go over the lyrics one more time to make them a little darker before I add this piece to my art journal. 

I’m happy that I went ahead and took the plunge on creating this piece as it had been on my mind for quite sometime as I stated before. I’m learning to trust inspiration as it knocks on my door. To trust it, to let it in and to allow it to take me on a journey I’ve never been on.

Cheers to letting inspiration flow within!

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

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