Planner Layout: October 19-25, 2015

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to share last week’s planner layout with you all. So here we go!

   One of my dear friends got married this past Saturday, so I wanted the spread to carry a love and happiness type of feel. Luckily I was able to find this awesome free printable by Andrea Nicole!  I printed the free printable onto sticker paper. 

 Above is the left side of my spread. 
 And here is an upclose view.   

Above is the right side of the spread. Here I attached one of the pictures from the Save-the-Date card to represent their special day.  Upclose view of the right side of the spread. 


Above is the full planner layout for last week. I love the way it all came together and I was really excited about using my new stamp set from Sandra Amelia!  I will be doing my review on the stamps tomorrow, so please come back and join me for that review. 

Until next time, Happy Planning!

Nati J. 


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