January Planner Challenge

Hello, hello, hello!!!!!  

Today I’m back with another update on the Paper a Heart of Gold January Photo Planner Challenge. Again, you can find this challenge on Instagram…and it’s all things planner related. So if you love taking photos and you’re a planner nerd or addict, this is definitely the challenge for you. 

Below you will find my photos from last week, January 4-10, 2016:

Days 4-7

Day 4:  Planner Selfie –  who doesn’t like a good selfie…with the extra cherry on top called my planner!!!!!
Day 5:  Sticky Notes – the sticky notes that were readily accessible to me 

Day 6:  Washi Wednesday – the good news is that I have washi to share, the not so great news, I couldn’t capture my whole collection in this photo

Day 7:  Favorite Color Combo – here lately, I’m really loving mint green, pink, and gold with hints of black and white 


Days 8-10

Day 8:  Weekend Plans – to play with my first Staedtler Pen Set (review coming soon)

Day 9:  What I’m Doing Today – going to Waco for a few hours…kid free!!!!  Can we say yea to some quiet time!  LOL

Day 10:  Where I Plan –  9 times out of 10, I’m planning in my Craft Studio at my desk

I am still throughly enjoying this challenge. If you are participating in the challenge, please let me know in the comments section below so I can check out your photos.

Until next time, Happy Planning!

Nati J. 



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