Chic Planning:  March 14-20, 2016

Hello Everyone!  

I’m not sure about you all, but this week isSpring  Break for us. So far the girls are truly enjoying their time off. They’ve had a spa day, Legos/movie day, a shopping day and the fun isn’t over yet!  

So since both girls are with me this week, I once again catered my planner layout to something they both enjoy…the theme is…SHOPKINS!  For those of who who haven’t hear of shopkins they are tiny collectibles that come in the form of various food items, fashion items and even cleaning products!  LOL yes, this stuff is real!  And they are all over my house!  So here is this week’s layout. 


Materials Used: Shopkins Collectable Stickers, printable. Versafine Onyx Black Pigment Ink, Sandra Amelia The Sassy Club Stamp Sets (Sassy Life, Planner Girl, Planner Doodles), Heidi Swapp Planner Stamp Set, Chic Tags Planner Addict Stamp Set , Heidi Swapp Decorative Tape

Yes, it is jammed packed with Shopkins goodness!  The girls really loved it!  So with that I hope you all are enjoying/enjoyed or will be enjoying a restful Sprig Break 2k16. Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 


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