Get Messy Art Journal – Part 1

Over the past 6 weeks I have participated in the Get Messy Art Journal group. I actually joined the group last year, but completed very few prompts. I’m happy that in this 7th Season: HAPPY that I was able to complete the entire challenge. If you would like to know more about Get Messy, please click here. In the meantime, in this 2-Part Series I will share with you all my take on the various prompts. 

Prompt #1: I used one of the art prompts along with the extra challenge that was provided. The prompt was to use your happiness colors in your favorite medium and as an extra challenge only use colors and patterns – NO WORDS….and this is what I came up with:  I love circles, hence the circles. The circles were cut from a gelli print I made last year, which included my happy colors. To me the circles represent an ever evolving life and the arrows are pointed forward because this ever evolving life is constantly moving us forward toward the place we are intended to be. When we look forward towards the future we invision positivity, growth and happiness within our lives. So this is happiness in motion for me. 
Prompt #2: This time around, I decided to only use one of the art prompts provided. I thought this challenge was very interesting, it spoke to the science of happiness – the “flowing growing areas” of our brain. In this challenge we were to create an abstract background which mimics the science of happiness…through a straw!
Some of my happy colors are: yellow, pink, and purple. After creating my gray background I used watercolor paints, which I blew through a straw to creat my abstract piece. I thought the image which appeared was pretty cool, and it was a fun and creative way to create art!
Prompt #3: Every week when a new prompt is introduced, a quote which corresponds with the Seasons theme is provided…in this case a quote surrounding happiness or happy. For Prompt 3 , the quote was:  
“Take pleasure in the rich, random patterns in your life” ~Hector and the Search for Happiness

With this prompt, I accepted both one of the art and journal prompts. One of the journal prompt was to use the quote listed above on your page. And with the art prompt that I selected, we had to use street art or graffiti as a source of inspiration. 

 I decided to use stencils along with sprays for my fun busy background and placed the provided prompt on top of that. 
I really enjoyed the first three weeks of he Season 7: Happy of the Get Messy Art Journaling Challenges. I hope you all enjoyed this look into my Get Messy Art Journal and that you all head to the blog to learn more about the group. Monday I will be sharing what I created for Prompts 4-6, so please come back and join me for that. Until next time, 

Happy Crafting!
Nati J. 


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