Project Life:  The story of 2014

Hello Everyone!  

So from the title of this post I’m sure you all can guess that I will be talking about Project Life, and yes, it’s the story of 2014.  For Project Life, I tend to have two 12×12 Albums….so 2014 was no different. In 2014 though, I just stopped cold turkey in the Fall and didn’t pick back up until this past Friday. I must say though that I still did good with printing photos. The good thing is that although I wasn’t  physically working in my album, I had printed photos and placed them in the corresponding week’s pockets. So in the grand scheme of things, all I had to do was finish he layouts with Project Life kits, journaling and whichever embellishments I wanted to use. 

But back to Friday….I woke up for my morning workout, came home, cleaned our bathrooms, washed and sat down for breakfast….yes, all of this was done before 10am!  Around 1:00pm, I started to get really tired, but I’m not one to take cat naps and I knew I had a little over an hour before I had to pick my daughter up….as I looked at my bookshelf and zoned into my Project Life 2014 Album, I declared right then and there, “today…this weekend I will fully complete Peoject Life 2014!”  And so my quest began!  

I tend to work on Project Life on the floor instead of at my desk and pictured above, 2 tape runners, 14 layouts, an opening page and ending page as well as 3 additional layouts later during the extra early hours of Sunday morning, the album was complete!  Above is the mess I left at bed time!  

Now I will share with you all Week 39-52 of my 2014 Project Life Album:


Opening page to 2nd album


Week 39


Week 40


Week 41


Week 42


Week 43


Week 44


Week 45


Week 46


Week 47


Week 48


Week 49


Week 50


Week 51


Week 52


And here below are the additional layouts I made:

And that completes today post. Thank you for hanging out with me.  I have one final thought:  In Scrapbooking, we as scrapbookers tend to think that we MUST finish everything right now, and on time.  But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t matter when you complete a project, all that matters is that you did, no matter the time it took to get there. And on that note, 

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 


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