Chic Planning:  August 29 – September 4, 2016 – A Rose Gold Kind Of Week

Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that September is already here…on our heels. And soon it will be fall – my all time favorite season!!!!  On my end, with both girls now in school I am trying to figure out/manage my new schedule. So with that being said, let’s get started on this week’s planner layout. 

I have been running at full speed since the last day of school…back in June and I thought it would end, but it really hasn’t. So on the left side of my layout, in the left panel, I just wanted to remind myself to continue to collect these moments we have with he girls and to keep my eyes open to all of the beauty around me. Tuesday’s are our busy day, so I wanted to remind myself to rest and everything doesn’t have to be done in one day. 

This weekend we have some fun things planned for the girls, hence the “enjoy the moment” sticker. With the right side of the page I just wanted to keep with the same flow and feeling as the left side. 

Materials Used: MAMBI Planner Basics Stickers – Rose Gokd, Colorböx Limited Edition Stickerdoodles Bling Dtickers – Glittering Cupcakes, The Paper Studio Stick-A-Bilities Happy & You Know It Gold Foil

Here is the full layout for this week. I’m loving the Rose Gold Sticker book from Me and My Big Ideas. And it paired well with the Stick-A-Bilities Stickers. Overall, I love the way the page came together.

How are you decorating your planner this week?  I would love to check it out!  Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 


Epoxy Sticker DIY Tutorial

Hello and Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I will be doing a tutorial on DIY Epoxy Stickers. Epoxy stickers are basically stickers with a resin or clear dome like coating on top. You can use these stickers on various projects like collage work, scrapbook layouts, cards, your planner, project life and many more. So let’s get started with today’s tutorial!

Above you will see the epoxy stickers as well as some mini $1 stamps from Michael’s that I thought would work well for this project. 

After selecting the stamps I would use, I picked out two paper pads some ink, a 1″ circle punch, archival ink and some scissors just in case. 

Above are the patterned papers and stamps I decided to work with. 

I started out by cutting the pattern paper to 2″ strips. 

Then I stamped all the images down on the pattern paper. 

Next, I grabbed my circle punch and began to punch out the stamped images. 

To use up the entire 2″ strips I punched out extra circles for future use. 

Here are all the stamped images on the pattern paper. 

And the one’s I will be using for this tutorial.  

Now for the fun, easy and addictive part, you simply pull off one of your epoxy stickers and carefully place it on top of your pattern paper. 

That is it!  Easy as pie!  I added an additional element, I inked the edges of the pattern paper with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Black Soot and Festive Berries

Here is the epoxy sticker up close. 

And all of the ones I made up close. How cute are these?!?

Lastly, I am storing the epoxy stickers in this cute dish from Michael’s. If you like this tutorial and would like to see more like it, please comment or like this post below. Also, please let me know if you give this tutorial a try as I would love to see what you create.  And follow me on Instagram as I am always posting there as well. Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J.  

Mini Scrapbook Layout:  Meet the Teacher Night

Hello, hello, hello!

Today, I will be sharing with you all the layouts I made for the girls Meet-the-Teacher Night at their school last week. 

My goal for each child is to capture meaningful moments within their K-12 experience. At the end of each school year, I present them with a scrapbook that charts that year. With that being said, I have completed 3 albums…and I’m behind 1 due to printing issues, but it will be finished soon. 

Above are the three types of albums I’ve used. 

And a glimpse inside. I keep these pages fairly simple and try to focus more on the stories. 

This year I will be working with a 6×8 3-ring scrapbook, which is different for me since I tend to scrapbook on 12×12 or 8×8 pages. So it should be fun. My goal is to try to work on layouts as the events take place instead of completing a whole book at one time.  With that being said, I would like to share with you all my first pages for this school year. 

These are the supplies I used to make all of the layouts. I used Bazzill Cardstock – Avalanche for all of the layouts as well as some Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Festive Berries (not pictured here) to ink my edges. 

Here we are having a blast at Meet-the-Teacher Night!  This page will be going in my youngest DDs album. 

I wanted to have this picture on a page by itself so when we look back on these days, we will remember the day Emmie met her Kindergarten teacher. 

Next up is our oldest DDs page. We put the same family photo on each layout since these pages will be going in their individual albums. 

Jaelle was so excited about finally getting this teacher, I just love the excitement on her face!

That ends today’s post. I hope you all enjoyed and are inspired by these layouts. Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  Back 2 School

Hello Everyone!

Yep, you guessed it!  My planner layout this week is all about Back 2 School. Not only is it back to school, but it’s back to our regular dance class schedule too this week. So this week should be fun and interesting to get back into. So let’s get started!

Here is the left side of my planner layout. I decided to go with a quote that I believe I found on Instagram. We want the girls to always trust in the Lord and soar through your life.  So what better quote to start the school year off with, right?  

For this layout, I used a free Back to School Printable by My Planner Envy along with some Washi tape from the Target Dollar Spot and Recollections. 

On the right side, I kept with the printable from My Planner Envy. I left more white space on this side because I figured that as the week goes on, we will be doing more things versus the first half of the week, we will be pretty busy with the adjustment of being back at school. 

Above is my full Back 2 School layout!  I think it embodies the spirit of back to school and the girls thought it was pretty cool too. LOL. Well, until next time, 

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Back 2 School Goodie Bags

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Today is Back to School Day for our girls. Now both of our DD’s are in elementary and it has me feeling some type of way. But it’s all good, it’s a part of the growing process, right?

Well, today I will be sharing with you all a Back 2 School goodie bag that I put together for the girls. So let’s get started!

First I started off by gathering my supplies:

  • We Are Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile
  • Bakers Twine in Lilac and Pink Sorbet from The Twinery
  • Scissors
  • Favor Bags from the Target Dollar Spot
  • Shopkins Shortbread Cookie Bites
  • Pencils from Office Depot
  • Owl Pencil Sharpener from Office Depot
  • Ice Cream Erasers from Office Depot
  • And a free printable from Love the Day

The first thing I did was fill the favor bags with 3 items each. The Shopkins Cookies and a pencil and then either the erasers or pencil sharpener. 

Next, I grabbed my scissors and the free printable and cut out two of the four Back To School printable tags. You can also do this step with a paper trimmer.  In this case, I just used the scissors since they were close by. 

After cutting out the printables, I put the two together and grabbed my Crop-A-Dile and punched a whole in the upper left hand corner.  You can also use a hole punch for this part. 

Next, I cut off about 6″ of bakers twine

and strung the twine through the punched holes of the tags. 

Lastly, I tied the tags into the favor bags and placed them on our table for the girls to have when they woke up this morning. They were very excited about their good bags. And the good thing is that it didn’t break the bank, it cost me a total of $7 to make. To see the surprise and happiness on their faces when they saw their Back 2 School goodie bags was priceless!  

Until next time, 

Happy Crafting!  

Mini Target Haul

Happy Friday!!!!!
Just real quick, I wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I found at the Target Dollar Spot earlier this week. 
Let’s get started!

This is what I purchased:  

  • Mini Binder Accessories Set
  • a Sticker Book
  • Name Tags 
  • Washi Tape

Now for the breakdown!

I thought this sticker book was really cool. It come with 3 sheets of this page and 

3 sheets of this page. 

With this Mini Binder Accessory Set, I’m loving these page flags and magnetic clips!

The set also came with this book of mini banner flags in mint and navy and

Mint and pink!!!  Too cute!!!!

And lastly the set came with this sticker sheet.

I’m looking forward to using all of these products in upcoming Back 2 School Scrapbooking layouts as well as in my planner, so look out for those in the coming weeks! 

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

Nati J.  

Chic Planning:  August 15-22, 2016 Simplicity Is Always A Good Idea

Hello Everyone!

I know based on my title of this post, you’re probably wondering, “How did Nati decorate her planner this week?”  Well, I did do a layout!  LOL. And I wanted to title this planner layout Simplicity is Always a Good Idea because of the fact that I only used 1 product. Yep, you read that right, I only used 1 product!

Do you remember this picture from my post last Thursday?  Well, the paper pack pictured below is the only product I used in making this weeks planner layout. It’s BoBunny Misc Me! Life Journal Kit – Avenues

Let’s get started!

The first thing I did to create this latout was to select the pattern paper I would use in my planner. These are the ones I selected. I ended up using most, but not all of the selected sheets seen above. 

Here is the left side of my layout. As you can see I cut the paper down to size to fit the individual squares. I also cut out the banners from one of the 3×4 cards from the kit and placed them on top of each other here in the lower left corner.  With some of the left over scraps, I was able to make some mini flags for the Monday Morning rectangle as well. 

Once I saw the 6×8 pattern paper with the partial circle, I just knew I had to use it in my layout. As you can see, I cut the partial circle out and added it to the lower right hand side of the page. I also cut out part of a 4×6 card to block out the top portion of the weekend. 

Above is the full spread.  I love the way you can use one product and still create something beautiful. Like the quote says, There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things.  I believe the colors in this layout compliment the quote perfectly.  Now is time for me to add some pen to this layout.  Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J.