Planner Sticker Book DIY Tutorial + Flip Through Video

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be sharing with you all my version of the sticker book. I say my version, because I added a little spin on mine that I have yet to see others do….I added tabs. This tutorial is a fun one and it helps you to organize all of those planner stickers in one place. So let’s get started!

First I gathered some supplies:

  • My MAMBI planner stickers
  • MAMBI Happy Planner Rings in both the large and small sizes
  • MAMBI Divider. I will use these for my front and back covers
  • Pattern Paper from several different paper packs that I have

I started this process by selecting 40 sheets of pattern paper. Please keep in mind that you really don’t need that many. I made 2 books and with one piece of 12×12 sheet of paper, you can get two pages for your sticker book. 

With that said, I cut my 12×12 sheet down to two 5.5×9 sheets. I made two piles, one with each sheet. 

Next, I stacked my paper in groups of about 5 and used paper clips to hold the stack in place. 

Using the MAMBI Divider, I placed the divider on top of my pattern paper stack and place a dot where I would need to punch my holes. 

I don’t own an Arc Punch, so with my dots in place, I grabbed my Crop-A-Dile….

And began to punch my holes. 

After punching all my holes, I took my scissors and cut two slits on either side of the circle punch. 

Then I placed the paper on the MAMBI Rings. I repeated these last six steps until I had my entire stack of pattern paper punch and attached to the MAMBI Rings.  

Next, I tore all of the pages out from all of my MAMBI planner sticker books…

And placed them into various categories. 

Then, I stacked them all together – just for convenience. 

And cut the top portion off of all the sticker sheets I could. 

Now for the fun part, I grabbed my tape runner, but some tape on the back of the sticker sheet. 

And glued it down on top of the pattern paper. 

I did this until I ran out of sticker sheets. 

Next, I grabbed some sticker label tabs (which I found at the Target Dollar Spot), and added my categories to them.  I made two labels for each category so that the category can be seen on both sides. 

After placing my labels, I have a completed sticker book that holds all of my MAMBI Stickers.  Keep I mind that you can do this for any sticker you have. It’s not a sticker book that is restricted to the Happy Planner Stickers. The object is to have your favorites in one spot together so that your not wasting time looking for all your stickers…they are here in one place. 

Thank you all for joining me for this tutorial. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and if your interested in seeing a flip-through of the completed sticker book scroll down below for the video.  Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J.  


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