Back 2 School Goodie Bags

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Today is Back to School Day for our girls. Now both of our DD’s are in elementary and it has me feeling some type of way. But it’s all good, it’s a part of the growing process, right?

Well, today I will be sharing with you all a Back 2 School goodie bag that I put together for the girls. So let’s get started!

First I started off by gathering my supplies:

  • We Are Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile
  • Bakers Twine in Lilac and Pink Sorbet from The Twinery
  • Scissors
  • Favor Bags from the Target Dollar Spot
  • Shopkins Shortbread Cookie Bites
  • Pencils from Office Depot
  • Owl Pencil Sharpener from Office Depot
  • Ice Cream Erasers from Office Depot
  • And a free printable from Love the Day

The first thing I did was fill the favor bags with 3 items each. The Shopkins Cookies and a pencil and then either the erasers or pencil sharpener. 

Next, I grabbed my scissors and the free printable and cut out two of the four Back To School printable tags. You can also do this step with a paper trimmer.  In this case, I just used the scissors since they were close by. 

After cutting out the printables, I put the two together and grabbed my Crop-A-Dile and punched a whole in the upper left hand corner.  You can also use a hole punch for this part. 

Next, I cut off about 6″ of bakers twine

and strung the twine through the punched holes of the tags. 

Lastly, I tied the tags into the favor bags and placed them on our table for the girls to have when they woke up this morning. They were very excited about their good bags. And the good thing is that it didn’t break the bank, it cost me a total of $7 to make. To see the surprise and happiness on their faces when they saw their Back 2 School goodie bags was priceless!  

Until next time, 

Happy Crafting!  

2 thoughts on “Back 2 School Goodie Bags

  1. Aw, what a cute and sweet idea! I know when I was younger, I always felt a little conflicted about back to school time. It was exciting to be starting a new year (new adventure!), but I also knew I’d miss sleeping in and not worrying about homework. This is a great way to make something bittersweet a bit more sweet!

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