Chic Planning:  Sunflowers Make Me Happy Plan with Me October 3-9, 2016  

Hello Everyone!  

It’s time to share my weekly planner layout with you all. This week is a little different in that I wanted to share with you all how I used 1 main sticker sheet along with 1 Washi Tape to create my layout before getting to work with the pen and all the other planner stickers.  So let’s get started!

When planning for the week, before getting started, I like to write out what all I have going on and things that I need to do. This sheet above comes in handy for when I’m writing everything down in my planner to ensure that I don’t forget anything. 

I purchased this sticker sheet about 3 weeks ago from my local Dollar Tree. When I saw it, I knew instantly that I would use it for an October Planner Layout. I paired the sticker set with the above Washi Tape. 

My goal when starting this layout was to try to use the entire sticker sheet. I was pretty close. I was able to use all but one sticker!  With that one sticker, I cut it out and put it in my stash for later use. 

Above is how my layout came together. I used the Washi Tape to separate the weekend from the rest of the week and placed all (but one) of the stickers onto my weekly spread. With the stickers since they were dimensional stickers, I had to tear them apart to get the foam adhesive off and then glue them back to my layout.  This was important to me so I could cut down in the bulky-ness (is that even a word???) of the stickers in my planner.  Overall, I like the way the spread came together to create a sunflower oasis. 

Here is a look of how my layout came together…after the pen. I used Stabilo Pens to write with and various MAMBI stickers to complete the look. 

I hope you all enjoyed this Plan With Me post. Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 


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