Chic Planner:  October 31-November 6, 2016 – Thriller Night

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and didn’t eat too much candy!  Well, this week’s layout is another Halloween layout. I created it like last week’s post, last month. It was created with a Victoria Thatcher free printable. So let’s get started!  

Yes, based on the title of this post, I’m sure you guessed it was a Michael Jackson Thriller theme!  I only used the printable along with some black washi tape and black watercolor paint for my paint splatters. 

How can anyone get through Halloween without hearing Michael’s Jackson’s Thriller and watching the video at least once!

Victoria Thatcher‘s Thriller themed printable was perfect for me for this week. Thriller embodies the spirit of Halloween and with my husbands birthday being this week it was the perfect fit!  My husband has always been a Michael Jackson fan. He knows all his songs and the dance moves to all his videos…he can perform them at a drop of a dime. And he plays Mike’s music at least 2-3 times a week. So again, this theme was right on time. Here are some recent photos of my husband and his Michael Jackson experience from when we were in L.A. this summer. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  Have a good week. Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

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