Snail Mail Flip Book

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!

At the end of last year, my niece-in-law shared with me they she had purchased the MAMBI Happy Planner.  To hear this I of course of extra excited. She’s always kept a planner but thought it would be fun to start decorating it as well. When I heard this I knew I had to put some goodies together for her. At first I thought I would just send her a pocket letter…but I soon realized that I would need more space for more items so I decided to make a Flip Book for her. I figured with the flip Book I could make it the size I wanted as well as add as many goodies as I wanted. 

So with that being said…now that she’s received her goodies, I would like to share my completed Flip Book with you all…so let’s get started!

Above are all the goodies I sent to her. The Flip Book is the one with the “Life” tag on the cover. I also added a loaded pencil pouch, a “simple things” journal, a notepad and some sticky notes. 

At the bottom of the tag, I added a small label and added the message “So Plan Accordingly.” So the front cover reads, L is for Life so plan accordingly!” 

In the pencil pouch, I added the following items:

Here is the first part of the pencil pouch. In the pocket, I added some fun paper clips, extra sticky notes and some small tags in the mini envelope. 

In the back portion of the pencil pouch, I added a mini journal, a sticker sheet and some sample Washi Tapes. 

Above you can see how the first opening in the Flip Book looks. 

Here is the left side up close. 

And the right side. 

I like the way the pockets turned out. This was my first time making vellum pockets.  I can see myself making more in the future. 

Above is the Flip Book fully open.  The fashion girls were found on Pinterest and are not attached to the third portion of the book,but are clipped together with an ampersand clip. So let’s see what’s in each section.  

This first pocket is filled with more stickers and sticky notes as well as a binder clip and a cute donut magnetic bookmark. 

On the second page, we have more sticky notes, a cute double sided tip in and a Kate Spade bow clip. 

This third pocket has some religious goodies in it that can easily be added to any planner layout. 

In the fourth and final pocket we have some fun and essential planner stickers. And another magnetic bookmark which has a mixed media feel to it. 

To me, the Flip Book wouldn’t be complete without adding something to the back cover of the Flip Book. Here I attached a days of the week transparency with Washi Tape. 

Above is the fully open Flip Book and the fashion girls from Pinterest that I included.  These girls can be glued onto any divider page or Monthly/Weekly Planner Layout.

I had so much fun making this Flip Book!  I was able to utilize scrapbook paper, Washi Tape and Project Life cards that I had on hand!  And the fact that my niece enjoyed it so much was just the icing on the cake. 

Have you made a Flip Book before?  If so, please share in the comments section below what kind of good or themes you’ve done. Until next time, 

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 


Chic Planning:  January 23-29, 2017 So Soft and Lovely

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be sharing my planner layout for the week. This time, I wanted to use some of my new Washi Tape and planner stickers by Recollections as well as use some of the new Jane Davenport items which have quickly become my favorite. So let’s get started!  

Here on the left side of my layout, I used a one of the beautiful faces stamps by Jane. I tried to make an afro for her hair. I used the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers to paint her Afro and to color in the stamped image. 

Here on the right side, I just continue with the Washi Tape, stickers and stamps. 

Pictured above is the completed layout along with some of the products I used minus the stamps and the mask. 

I love the softness of this layout. I think the flower mask that I used for the background tied the entire look together nicely with the other stickers and the girl. I also made sure to keep the layout nice and soft by using a Momentous London Fog ink for the stamped images in the previous photo versus black ink.   That is it for today. Until next time, 

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January 16-22, 2017  Plan with Me – It’s Jane Darling 

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to finally share this week’s layout with you all, so let’s get started!

First things first…when I was thinking about this week and what I wanted to do, one thing was for sure, I knew I wanted to use some of my new Jane Davenport items. I can’t stress enough how beautiful the collection really is!  So I grabbed the paper pack along with my pencil pouch where my Mermaid Markers are housed. 

After going through the paper pack I decided to cut this beauty out so I could use her on my layout. 

The first thing I did was color each individual square. I used one color at a time.  So like with the Beach Mermaid Marker, I added a little color to each square and then moved on to the next color and so on and so fourth. Next, I glued down the girl that I cut out from the paper pack and finally I added some Washi Tape to the layout. 

At this point my layout was basically finished. Now it was time for me to add my stamps and stickers so I could plan for my week. 

Here on the left side of my layout, I added my gym time and parts of the girls dance schedules. Also the girls started selling Girl Scout Cookies this week, so I used one of my Girl Scouts DIY stickers on the layout. 

Here on the right side, I continued with gym and dance classs and more Girl Scouts things. 

At this point I am completely finish and ready to add my weekly to-do’s and appointments to my schedule. I also added a flag sticker from Hobby Lobby to commentate the Inauguration of our 45th President here in the United States. 

Here is another look at the completed workout before the pen. When using the Mermaid Markers, my pages did buckle a little bit, but after being put in my planner they are now laying flat. There was also some bleed through – not too much, but there was some. For me, this doesn’t bother me because it will just add a little extra to next week’s layout. 

In stamping this layout I used Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black, I also outlined the the calendar portion of the layout. I think the black outlining of the squares as well as the stamped images helped to draw the eye to the center as well as make the planning for the week stand out. Overall, I’m enjoying the vibrancy of this layout. It is very colorful and happy which is what I wanted!  I hope you all enjoyed this Plan with Me Post.  Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Jane Davenport Collection Haul and Review

Hello Everyone!!!!!

If you’ve been to Michael’s these past few weeks and online, I’m sure you all have seen the new Jane Davenport Collection which is at Michael’s. 

The collection at my local Michael’s just hours after they put it out this past Friday!

As for me, I was beyond excited about her collection!  I’ve been following Jane for about a year and a half now. Her Mixed Media art is absolutely amazing and inspiring!  

So let’s get started so I can show you all what I purchased!

Here, I have some of her faces stamps, a stencil, some Washi Tape, awesome Mermaid Markers, the Inkredible Pen, and the Butterfly Book (her version of the travelers notebook). 

Here is one of the Washi Tapes up close. 

Here is the butterfly book. I have it fully open so you can see the front and back covers of the book. It is made from canvas and features Jane’s amazing work.

Above is a paper pack and pencil pouch. 

Here is a second Washi Tape set as well as the Paint Over Pens.  These markers have an opaque finishing.  

And last, we have the Creative Journal and extra sheets of watercolor paper. 

Over the weekend I was able to play a little with the collection. Here is the first page in the insert for the butterfly book. I was working on adding swatches for the Mermaid Markers. 

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my planner layout for this week where I used one of the sheets from the paper pad and the Mermaid Markers to decorate my layout. 

Here is how I used one of the faces stamps (only her eyes/nose and lips are featured on the stamp itself) and the floral stencil. I used the Mermaid Markers to add color to my background and the face. 

I must say like the artist herself, this collection is amazing and inspiring. It is a collection that makes you happy. A collection that makes you want to create. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing my work with you all. 

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

Planner/Craft Haul

Hello Everyone!!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the items I’ve purchased over the past 2-3 weeks from Michael’s, the Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree and Wal*Mart.  So let’s get started!

First up, Michael’s!

As you all know, Recollections has come out with some pretty awesome planner goodies that are just too hard to pass up. They are truly stepping up their game!  Let’s take a look at these items up close. 

Here is the Washi Tape dispenser set with beautiful pinks, blues and gold tones!  I’m totaling loving all nine washi’s!

Above is the back side of the sticker set and sticker books first pictured above. These stickers are so vibrant with cute sayings and pictures!  I can’t wait to use them!

The stamp sets from the planner Accessories are to cute and they come with stencils too!  This set is all things girly!  What better way to capture and add some pizzazz to your planner than with a girls night, party or even staying in your pajamas all day stamp. 

The second stamp set I purchased is one for meal planning. Again, this one comes with a stencil as well. I would like to do more meal planning this year, so I hope to use this stamp/stencil set a lot. 

On to Wal*Mart and Dollar Tree!

At Wal*Mart, I purchased this adorable hot cocoa, cupcake and macaroon sticker set which will be fun to use for a sweets planner layout page. And for the paw print stickers I plan on using those to highlight activities going on at my daughter’s school…since they are the Tigers. This oh so cute puppy and cat love sticker set from the Dollar Tree. I’m thinking these would look good in any type of layout!

The last set of items I purchased were from the Target Dollar Spot. 

Their Valentine’s Day Collection is just awesome this year!!!  I want to buy just about everything, but I have to contain myself. 

The satin heart I will use to scatter on my table as part of my Valentine decor. The cactus erasers will be used for the girls American Girl Dolls. I’m thinking they could use one for their desk area and one in the kitchen, or both on the table for their dolls. I will be making decorative paper clips with the felt stickers and the ribbon and trim as an upcoming tutorial so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks. The pens say:  This and That and Brilliant Ideas. I’m such a sucker for cute pens and these definitely fit the mold! 

Lastly, with the canvas stickers, the 3D stickers and the sticker banners, I will be using these in Project Life, my planner as well as for the Valentine’s Day cards that I will make for my daughters. I absolutely love heart stickers!  I use them all the time in my planner to mark anniversaries and birthdays. The arrow ball pen again was too cute to pass up!  

If you’re still here with me, thank you so much for sticking through this planner/craft haul!   Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January 9-15, 2017 – So Pretty!

Hello Everyone!  

I hope all is well in your world. Today I will be sharing with you all my planner layout for this week. If you read my post from earlier today, the Layering Washi Tape Tutorial, this is the layout in which I used that technique as you will soon see.  So let’s get started!

Here is the left side of my planner layout. As you can see, in the center of my layout, I used the Layering Washi Tape Technique. I like the DIY sticker with the image found on Pinterest of the little girl looking at her shadow – and she sees a princess/queen. We all need to see ourselves as such and this was just a little reminder of the queen within me who wants to shine everyday in every way. 

Here on the right side of my layout, I continued with the Washi Tape and ivy stickers that I’ve had FOREVER!  To mark the 109th founding of my electrifying sorority, I had to pay tribute to the oh so pretty ladies, my sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. with both the ivies, the “pretty” sticker and the #J15 portion of the layout. Some of you may not know, but Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the first and oldest African-American Sorority. So, there’s no way I could go without adding something to my planner for my sorority.

Overall I love the simplicity and strength in this planner layout. I’m glad that I was able to pair both images found on Pinterest with images from a free printable set by Victoria Thatcher. What makes your planner layout for this week stand out?  Comment in the section below as I would love to hear. 

Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Layering Washi Tape Tutorial

Hello eveyone!  

Real quick, I just wanted to share with you all a quick tutorial. If you are a fan of washi tape, you will love this layering technique. So let’s get started!

While working in my Happy Planner over the weekend, I added this green Washi Tape to my planner pages, but felt I needed to add something more to it. 

I found this Recollections Washi Tape in my stash to be just what I needed. I decided to layer the two to create a different look and feel to my planner layout. 

After the green Washi Tape was placed, I simply placed the pink hexagon Washi Tape on top. 

It was that simple. So now instead of having a white background or a muted turquoise in the back of the hexagon Washi Tape, I now have the Kelly green in the background. What fun things do you like to do with Washi Tape?  I love to hear about it. Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J.