My Journey In Brush Lettering

8.25.16 Beautiful 

Hello beautiful one!  

8.24.16 Shine

Let your light shine bright from the inside out, everyday…for the world needs your shine!

8.20.16 Dream and Love

Practicing this concept everyday.

8.19.16 Find Your Wings

Take the leap and move full speed ahead!

8.17.16 Soul Defined

I saw this quote last night on Pinterest and had to write it down. And it’s so true, as a woman, we have so much more to give than just our outward beauty. We have hearts that burn with all of our desires and passions and brains that swell with a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be exposed to those in our world and beyond. The outside, it’s just our shell. It’s our souls that count. What do we have on the inside that radiates on the outside?  What do we possess within our souls that we are willing to share with the world?  

8.10.16 You Give

Be great today and every day!  

8.3.16 Big Life

Yes indeed!
8.2.16 Do What You Love

Great words to live by:  Do what you love and do it often. I’m trying to do this everyday. 

8.1.16 Hello August

Hello August!  

Today marks the first of the month and I am open to this New Month, this New Beginning, with a New Mindset, with a greater and New Focus, with good and New Intentions, with a New Start, with amazing and New Results, and lastly with reNEWed Joy. August I welcome you!

7.27.16 Motivate and Dominate

Recently I saw a quote on Instagram on Powerwomentv’s page which read:  

From this quote, I took this away:

So go out their, work hard and make today great!

5.25.16 Never Underestimate 

Never underestimate the power of a woman!  I love this quote!  It is so very true. We can do anything we set our minds to and so much more. Cheers and power to the woman!

5.23.16 Shining Bright

Despite all that may be going on in our lives and with the stresses of everyday life. Let’s be sure that our light is always shining bright like the morning sun!

Day 23 IG @jennyhighsmith #letteritmay

5.16.16 Your Tribe

Just a reminder that if you send positive vibes out you will attract and receive positive vibes back. You are your tribe so choose wisely. 

Day 16 of the #letteritmay challenge by IG @JENNYHIGHSMITH

5.9.16. Beauty Is…
Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul. 

I just love this quote and it’s a perfect reminder to make sure we are always showing not only outer beauty but also the beauty we have inside as well. 

Is your beauty showing?  

4.20.16 Your Soul Knows….

Like the quote below says, 

Your soul knows when it’s on to something.                 ~Rachel Wolchin

I think I found this quote on Instagram. But what is most important is what I took from it, which is that your soul knows things that we do not know, but that which we feel….it’s the built in intuition that we all have, that quiet, still, soft voice in the inside that tells us all we need to know, both good and bad to get us through this journey called life. We all need to be reminded to listen to it when it calls.  

What is your soul telling you today that you need to follow through on?


4.18.16 Predict the Future

On Pinterest, I have a board called, “Sayings.” I have been into quotes for as long as I can remember so I have decided to use this board as a way to practice my brush lettering. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will bring a quote to you all from my “Sayings” Board on Pinterest. Also, if there is a quote you would like for me to use, just shoot me a message and I will script that out as well. Here is the quote for today: 


3.31.16 Trust

It’s hard to believe that today is the last day of March. This year is truly flying by.  On this last day of the month, I will be sharing with you my lettering from RandomOlive, LissLetters and JennyHighSmith again. Enjoy!


Day 31 @JENNYHIGHSMITH #letteritmarch


Day 31 @ RANDOMOLIVE #brushletterpracticechallenge and @LISSLETTERS #togetherweletter

 Happy Lettering! 

Nati J. 

3.30.16 Brush Lettering Challenges

Today I worked in three brush calligraphy prompts by Random Olive, Liss Letters and Jenny High Smith. Enjoy! 


Materials Used: Crayola Supertips Markers, Sharpie Brush Marker and Sakura Gelly Roll Pen


Materials Used: Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Happy Lettering!  

Nati J. 

3.29.16 Joy

Today’s prompt was all about joy.  I decided to try something different and add print with the brush calligraphy. I’ll have to try it again. The next time I think I will make the printed words a little smaller. 

Happy Lettering!  

Nati J. 

3.28.16 Happiness

Every morning after I send my youngest DD to MDO or finish Lesson Time with her, this is what I do….

Grab a fresh cup of joe and start with a daily prompt to practice my brush lettering. Today, I decided to make a background using my Atist Loft Watercolor set from Michael’s. I also ended up using a sharpie black brush for my lettering.   

The prompt is from jennyhighsmith. It’s from her #letteritmarch challenge. I love how happy this quote turned out. I may have to do more backgrounds in the future. 

Happy Lettering! 

Nati J. 

3.24.16 How It All Began

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to learn calligraphy. I remember being 10 and tracing the brush strokes, but never really being able to do it on my own. Over the years I have come back to calligraphy…starting it and then stopping again. So this year when I saw Dawn Nicole’s Brush Lettering Challenge I hopped on it and started the challenge right away. 

Here is my first picture that I posted on Instagram when I started the brush lettering challenge. 

And here below is the final post from the challenge. 

All-in-all, this was a great experience and it has given me the confidence to practice daily and not be overly critical of my progress and the work I produce. I have also enjoyed using various pens, paint brushes and markers in the process. It is definitely true that practice equals progress and I have definitely seen growth and I look forward to continued growth   in this craft. 

If you would like to see more of my practice sheets from the challenge or other quotes I’ve worked on so far click here.  

Happy Brush Lettering!

Nati J. 

3.7.16 Spark Daily Creativity

On this page, I will be sharing with you my journey through Brush Lettering. I am fairly new to brush calligraphy/lettering and want to not only share my story, but also share my process with you all.  So stay tuned to what’s to come. 


Happy Brush Lettering!

Nati J.