Feel the Sea Planner Layout + mini tutorial

Hello and Happy Friday Eveyone!!!!!

Today I will be sharing my planner layout for this week with you all. But before we get started, I want to first share with you all my monthly planner layout for February.

I decided for my monthly spread I would keep it pretty basic and plan around theme of love for Valentine’s Day. Nice, simple, short and sweet…simply put together with stickers and a little Washi Tape.

Now let’s get to this weeks planner layout!

I guess with all the playing I have been doing in my art journal lately, I decided to go with a slight art journal approach for my planner layout for the week.

As I looked at the blank pages in my planner I first decided to go with the smushed/paint splatter effect. So I grabbed my Tim Holt’s Distress Inks in Spun Sugar and Salty Ocean, some plastic packaging and my water spray bottle.

I inked up the acetate with the ink and sprayed it with water. I placed it down in my art journal first (so it wouldn’t be so wet when I placed it on my planner pages – this will also give me a background to work with later in my art journal) and then on my planner page and spread the ink out.

And this is how it all came together on my planner pages.

Next, I grabbed my Jane Davenport Matte Medium and Collage Papers. The collage papers are like napkins. I cut the images I wanted to use out. Since the collage sheets are 2-ply, I carefully pulled the backing off, and then placed the images where I felt they would look best on my layout, and then applied the matte medium on top.

The matte medium acts as a glue and dries clear.

I used the extra pieces of the collage sheet in my art journal for a spread to work on at a later date.

This should be something fun and interesting for later. LOL

Anyway, here is my full completed layout, before the pen. I used a regular ball point pen to write over the matte medium. Even though it’s not summer yet, this layout really makes me look forward to the warmer days ahead as well as the beautiful colors at sunset during that time of year.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this planner layout! And until next time,

Happy Planning!!!!

Nati J.



Hello everyone! Earlier this week, I purchased the Dina Wakely Media Journal from Hobby Lobby.

Can we say LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE!!! This journal is so awesome?!? It comes with four types of paper: kraft, watercolor, burlap and a thin canvas. I was so excited to get started in the journal!

The page I decided to start with was the burlap. I’ve only worked with burlap once before and that was a few years back, so I was excited to get started.

I decided to keep the page simple and work with circles.

For the circles I used Speedball Super Black India Ink and let it drip down the page. For the center of the circles I used Delta Creative Ceramcoat acrylic paint in Think Pink! and Tropical Bay Blue. I also used a Dolphin Grey to add some highlights to the black circles…even though it looks dark blue in the picture.

After looking at the page, I decided to add some pops of orange to some of the circles and then I used tacky glue to adhere my quote.

I love the look and feel of this layout. I truly feel that like a circle, life is a continuous circle that just goes round and round. During these cycles in life whether good or trying, I believe that we should always look at them, accept them, and call them what they truly are which are periods of beautiful transformation which will lead us closer to our goals and full potential.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Tomorrow, I will be sharing my planner layout for this week. So stay tuned.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!!!

Nati J.

What Makes Me A Masterpiece

I have decided to do more art journaling this year. With continuing to decorate my planner and other things creative, I also want to do more sharing this year and really just put my creative journey on full display. But today I want to share with you all my first art journal page of 2018.

The first step in creating this art journal page is I took a sheet of black cardstock and decided to do some zentangles with my white Sakura Gelly Roll pen.

Upon opening my art journal I found this background I did a while ago and decided (after adding some stamping to the right side) it would work for what I was trying to do.

Next, I pieced all my elements together…a digital tag from JLBCreativeCo. on Etsy that I colored over the weekend, some Jane Davenport Rub-Ons, a paint sample and a photo of my daughters dance team. Once everything was glued down it was time to add my journaling.

I felt like a quote about positive body images would go great with this photo so I went to Pinterest and found this quote by Kelsey Silver that was perfect!

Lastly, I added my own personal journaling to complete the layout. I love the way it all came together and I’m looking forward to continuing to share this creative process with you all.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J.

Art Journaling 101

Hello, hello, hello!!!

This morning, I had the opportunity to join in on the Get Messy Webinar: Art Journaling 101.

Although I’m not new to Art Journaling, I thought it would still be fun and learn something new along the way. I think my biggest take-away from the webinar was to have a basic kit and to start with a smaller journal. When you start with a smaller journal, it will be less intimidating and easier to fill. For me this was good, because I’ve always had such BIG journals, so I think having a smaller one will help me to be able to create a habit of art journaling. And for this I am happy.

Below is my creation from the webinar.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you are interested in art journaling, be sure to check out Get Messy.

Happy Creating!!!

Nati J.

Find Your Style

Hello, hello, hello!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. This will be a different type of post. I took a webinar class with Get Messy yesterday. It was so much fun, full of knowledge and inspiration all towards finding your style. Lauren and Caylee the founders of Get Messy went over how to find your style as it relates to your art journal style. Even though the webinar was focused on art journals, it can be used in any creative area.

The four areas they discussed were Color, Tools, Surroundings and Techniques.

By honing in, practicing and educating ourselves on our various crafts we can begin to truly see and learn and develop our style.

For me, I like to think that my style is bright, fun and free flowing. I really try to go with whatever I feel at the time weather that’s with art journaling, scrapbooking, or even working in my planner. I do like the more clean and simplistic approached at times too. I’m also drawn to soft calming tones too. So for me, I want to go deeper and find my true style.

Anyway, at the end of the webinar, Lauren and Caylee, spent some time playing with those watching the webinar and asked that we play along with them and create a piece of our own. Using our favorite colors, a favorite tool and technique we played along with them.

I’ve always been drawn to pink so I picked to different shades of pink from my watercolor palette and also used a hint of yellow. I used a rub-on as well as a pen for some minimal doodling. I know one of my things is outlining whatever piece in Black usually do I did that as well. I was going to leave the piece as it was but in the end, I ended up writing a quote.

I had fun doing the exercise because it encouraged me to not think about what I was doing. I just painted what I was feeling in that moment and it felt good.

If you already know your style, please share it in the comments section as I would love to hear how you describe it and how you can to find it. For me, I’m looking forward to sharing more of my art journaling with you all in the future. It really is great therapy for the heART.

Until next time, happy crafting.

Nati J.

Jane Davenport Collection Haul and Review

Hello Everyone!!!!!

If you’ve been to Michael’s these past few weeks and online, I’m sure you all have seen the new Jane Davenport Collection which is at Michael’s. 

The collection at my local Michael’s just hours after they put it out this past Friday!

As for me, I was beyond excited about her collection!  I’ve been following Jane for about a year and a half now. Her Mixed Media art is absolutely amazing and inspiring!  

So let’s get started so I can show you all what I purchased!

Here, I have some of her faces stamps, a stencil, some Washi Tape, awesome Mermaid Markers, the Inkredible Pen, and the Butterfly Book (her version of the travelers notebook). 

Here is one of the Washi Tapes up close. 

Here is the butterfly book. I have it fully open so you can see the front and back covers of the book. It is made from canvas and features Jane’s amazing work.

Above is a paper pack and pencil pouch. 

Here is a second Washi Tape set as well as the Paint Over Pens.  These markers have an opaque finishing.  

And last, we have the Creative Journal and extra sheets of watercolor paper. 

Over the weekend I was able to play a little with the collection. Here is the first page in the insert for the butterfly book. I was working on adding swatches for the Mermaid Markers. 

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my planner layout for this week where I used one of the sheets from the paper pad and the Mermaid Markers to decorate my layout. 

Here is how I used one of the faces stamps (only her eyes/nose and lips are featured on the stamp itself) and the floral stencil. I used the Mermaid Markers to add color to my background and the face. 

I must say like the artist herself, this collection is amazing and inspiring. It is a collection that makes you happy. A collection that makes you want to create. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to sharing my work with you all. 

Happy Crafting!

Nati J. 

Get Messy Art Journal: #messylists

Hello, Hello!

Last week a new season for Get Messy started…the Season of Messy Lists. To see my previous post on this new season and the journal I’m using, click here or here.   So let’s get started!
Last Monday, us Messians received an email with five journaling prompts and five art journal prompts. Out of the five journaling prompts, I completed 2 and incorporated 2 aspects of the art prompts. 

The first journaling prompt was: “I am the best at…”

 Here, my goal was to incorporate magazine cutouts with my journaling. For the background I kept things simple by using Tim Holtz Distress Inks. To highlight the things I am best at, I used an arrow stamp as my bullet points. 

The second prompt I picked was:  “Lessons Learned.”  

I sketched out my 3rd ever woman a few weeks back on a torn sheet of old book paper. I think she came out good. I’m learning, and I see what I want/need to work on still. But nonetheless, I was and am happy with the outcome. Since I finished her, she had been sitting on my desk and once I saw this prompt, I just knew this would be the perfect place to put her…so here she is.  On the second page I listed 5 things I have learned over the years. To keep with book page going I wrote my “lessons learned” on washi tape that I glued down to the text paper and topped it off with some distress ink by Tim Holtz. 

Here is an up close shot of my lessons learned. 

Overall, I have found this Season of Messy Lists a bit challenging. For me, I guess it’s the whole figuring out how I want to incorporate the art with the journaling. It’s definitely a challenge, but I’m up for it!  Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

Nati J.