Through My Lens

My (close) second favorite thing to take pictures of, after my family is to take nature shots. I love flowers, sunrises, sunsets and wide open spaces. Here you will find some unfiltered photos of my favorite shots in nature as they come along.

8.30.16 Rain

Rain drops falling gently on my window in time to a rhythmic beat. 

8.24.16 Rose

8.20.16 Bird Line

Enjoying the view while wondering what the birds are discussing. 

8.19.16 Dream

“Between the rock and a hard place, there lies a space full of choice.” ~Unknown

8.15.16 Dallas

Another amazing shot, with an amazing view just before sunset in Downtown Dallas.

8.8.16 Sunset

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful sunset?!?  #straightfromtheheavensabove

8.3.16 Classic!

A classic shot of the bean in Chicago!  What a sight to see!  

8.2.16 Fisherman’s Wharf

There’s beauty at every turn at Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39. 

8.1.16 Dreaming

Beautiful Weather…..still in a California State of Mind!

7.27.16 Golden Gate Bridge

Even though it was cold and cloudy, it was still amazing to be able to see the bridge, go across it and even take a cruise around the bay and hear it hum as we traveled under it. 

7.4.16 Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the firework shows all across the U. S. Of A!  We had a great view of one of the shows in San Diego, CA. Enjoy the pics below. 

5.30.16 Memorial Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a blessed Memorial Day. And to say thank you to those families who have lost family members who have served selflessly in our U.S. Armed Forces. Without their sacrifice we may not be awarded the freedoms we have today. 

So again, thank you and may God continue to bless you all. 

5.17.16 About Last Night…

If you’re into reading, you have to check out James Patterson’s new book, 15th Affair!  It is so good – a definite page turner. So yeah, about last night, it was all about me, James and a glass of white wine. 

So what are you reading right now?  

5.11.16 Breakfast Prep

This morning, I’m trying out a veggie packed breakfast. Above the my prep of my meal which consists of mushrooms, onion, bell peppers, spinach and two eggs. 

I paired my veggie eggs with a side of guacamole and a half sliced apple. Overall, it was pretty good. I think next time I’ll just add less onion.  What’s on your plate this morning?

5.9.16. GNO

It’s so important to have good girlfriends around. Friends you can cut loose with, just let your hair down and be the best you possible. Cheers to unforgettable Girls Night Out!

4.18.16 Bluebonnets 

Although it has been raining here for the past few days and will be raining all this week, I wanted to share with you all another picture from our visit to one of the Bluebonnet fields a few weeks ago…this is actually one of my favorites of the girls!  


4.8.16 Spring Morning

For the past few weeks, on Friday’s I have been getting up at 5am so that I can make it to the gym to workout by 5:30. Friday’s are generally my day to sleep in since the hubby is off…and I would usually not get out of the bed until 10:30to make it to the gym by 11:30. This change in time has been a bit difficult since I am no where close to being a morning person….but today it was definitely worth it!  

I cut my workout this morning by 30 minutes so I had enough time to get showered and to my dentist appointment in the next town over. This picture above is what I was blessed with on the drive home from the gym.  God’s pure beauty and wonder. Seeing the sky all lit up and the blazing colors made my workout that much more worth it. 

4.7.16 Rose Season

So the roses are in full bloom in the city and the bushes in front of my home are absolutely beautiful! Just about everyday I have the opportunity to capture their beauty as I look out the window of my craft studio. After coming home from dropping off my youngest DD at school I was able to capture this photo. I hope you enjoy it!


3.31.16 Great City

I’ve heard the saying that a city with a library is a great city…..well if the the saying is true I definitely live in not only a great city…or town in my case, but a great town with a great library with a beautiful sculpture outside of it.   

3.29.16 Bluebonnets 
It’s that time of year again here in Texas…Bluebonnet Season is in full swing!!!  I’m loving it!!!!  I’m hoping to take my DDs out this weekend for a mini photo shoot!    

3.3.16 Morning Dew

I love the way the morning dew sits upon the flowers and the leaves, it’s a daily reminder that we are here and that we get another chance at this journey called life. Go out and make today a great one!    

2.22.16 Morning Ritual 

Today started out like every other day. Once the kids were off to school, and the house was quiet I perked a cup of coffee while the oven pre-heated for my breakfast. It’s mornings like this that I find that I am truly one with myself. It’s a chance for me to be one with my thoughts. And this morning was no different, with the exception of the wind howling outside – a reminder of the cooler air and rain to come. But still, I enjoyed the quietness of this ritual of becoming one with myself once more. 


10.28.14 Texas Sunrise
I just wanted to post another picture of the beautiful sunrise this morning.


04.18.14 Texas Springtime

You know it’s Spring time in Texas when you start to see our State Flower, the Bluebonnet. Every year growing up, I looked forward to seeing these beautiful blue flowers spread across the highway in lovely patches. I was happy to be able to capture their beauty this year along with some other flowers that were mixed in with the bluebonnet patch we visited.





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