Chic Planning – February 13-19, 2017:  Hearts and Things 

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope you all are doing well, since this is the week of love, hearts and xoxo’s, I naturally decided to do a simple, quick layout to fit he occasion….Valentine’s Day!  So let’s get started!

Here is the left side of my planner layout. I knew I didn’t want to go all pink and red overload with my layout so I picked a white, blue and gold foil Washi Tape. I also love the Gandhi quote at the bottom of the page. How fitting!

On the right side, I continued with the Washi Tape and added some additional love themed Washi. I also love the cross Washi at the top of the page. I was happy about finding some religious themed Washi at Michael’s. 

I love the overall look of the layout and how it’s not to lovey…but just right. I think my unconventional blue heart theme worked out great and all the stickers tied the theme together nicely. 

I also wanted to quickly share with you all my full February monthly spread….now that we are in the middle of the month.  Sorry!  But here it goes:

So much love is in this layout!  The girl holding the heart is beyond perfect to me for the month of February!  I found her on Pinterest. All the paw prints are school related things. We are the Tigers!  LOL. I also tried something new with my splashes and blots of watercolor. I actually like the watercolor effects a lot and hope to do them again in the future. 

Well, that is it for today. Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  February 6-12, 2017:  My Black Is Beautiful 

Hello Everyone!  

Today I wanted to first share with you all last week’s planner spread:

I had a lot going on last week so I wanted to keep the spread as simple as possible. I used the BoHo Collection by Basic Grey Rub-Ons that I’ve had for YEARS, some MAMBI stickers and for the Super Bowl stickers I cut those from a P&G coupon book.  Overall I like the Soft look of the spread.  

So on to this week. With February being Black History Month, I wanted to make sure I did a spread in honor of those who have come before me. I was thankful for the free printable by Victoria Thatcher as it was right on time and perfect for the occasion. So let’s get started!

Above is the free printable from Victoria Thatcher. 

Here is the left side of the spread. I wanted to make sure that I used the majority of the stickers from the printable. 

I love the large size planner space fillers with three women that I have always admired for their smarts, strength and beauty. 

Here is the full spread. The three areas that are filled with watercolor bring out the something extra that I felt this layout needed. I think this layout came out perfectly and it makes me feel happy and inspired. 

Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January 23-29, 2017 So Soft and Lovely

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be sharing my planner layout for the week. This time, I wanted to use some of my new Washi Tape and planner stickers by Recollections as well as use some of the new Jane Davenport items which have quickly become my favorite. So let’s get started!  

Here on the left side of my layout, I used a one of the beautiful faces stamps by Jane. I tried to make an afro for her hair. I used the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers to paint her Afro and to color in the stamped image. 

Here on the right side, I just continue with the Washi Tape, stickers and stamps. 

Pictured above is the completed layout along with some of the products I used minus the stamps and the mask. 

I love the softness of this layout. I think the flower mask that I used for the background tied the entire look together nicely with the other stickers and the girl. I also made sure to keep the layout nice and soft by using a Momentous London Fog ink for the stamped images in the previous photo versus black ink.   That is it for today. Until next time, 

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January 16-22, 2017  Plan with Me – It’s Jane Darling 

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to finally share this week’s layout with you all, so let’s get started!

First things first…when I was thinking about this week and what I wanted to do, one thing was for sure, I knew I wanted to use some of my new Jane Davenport items. I can’t stress enough how beautiful the collection really is!  So I grabbed the paper pack along with my pencil pouch where my Mermaid Markers are housed. 

After going through the paper pack I decided to cut this beauty out so I could use her on my layout. 

The first thing I did was color each individual square. I used one color at a time.  So like with the Beach Mermaid Marker, I added a little color to each square and then moved on to the next color and so on and so fourth. Next, I glued down the girl that I cut out from the paper pack and finally I added some Washi Tape to the layout. 

At this point my layout was basically finished. Now it was time for me to add my stamps and stickers so I could plan for my week. 

Here on the left side of my layout, I added my gym time and parts of the girls dance schedules. Also the girls started selling Girl Scout Cookies this week, so I used one of my Girl Scouts DIY stickers on the layout. 

Here on the right side, I continued with gym and dance classs and more Girl Scouts things. 

At this point I am completely finish and ready to add my weekly to-do’s and appointments to my schedule. I also added a flag sticker from Hobby Lobby to commentate the Inauguration of our 45th President here in the United States. 

Here is another look at the completed workout before the pen. When using the Mermaid Markers, my pages did buckle a little bit, but after being put in my planner they are now laying flat. There was also some bleed through – not too much, but there was some. For me, this doesn’t bother me because it will just add a little extra to next week’s layout. 

In stamping this layout I used Ranger Archival Ink in Jet Black, I also outlined the the calendar portion of the layout. I think the black outlining of the squares as well as the stamped images helped to draw the eye to the center as well as make the planning for the week stand out. Overall, I’m enjoying the vibrancy of this layout. It is very colorful and happy which is what I wanted!  I hope you all enjoyed this Plan with Me Post.  Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January 9-15, 2017 – So Pretty!

Hello Everyone!  

I hope all is well in your world. Today I will be sharing with you all my planner layout for this week. If you read my post from earlier today, the Layering Washi Tape Tutorial, this is the layout in which I used that technique as you will soon see.  So let’s get started!

Here is the left side of my planner layout. As you can see, in the center of my layout, I used the Layering Washi Tape Technique. I like the DIY sticker with the image found on Pinterest of the little girl looking at her shadow – and she sees a princess/queen. We all need to see ourselves as such and this was just a little reminder of the queen within me who wants to shine everyday in every way. 

Here on the right side of my layout, I continued with the Washi Tape and ivy stickers that I’ve had FOREVER!  To mark the 109th founding of my electrifying sorority, I had to pay tribute to the oh so pretty ladies, my sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. with both the ivies, the “pretty” sticker and the #J15 portion of the layout. Some of you may not know, but Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the first and oldest African-American Sorority. So, there’s no way I could go without adding something to my planner for my sorority.

Overall I love the simplicity and strength in this planner layout. I’m glad that I was able to pair both images found on Pinterest with images from a free printable set by Victoria Thatcher. What makes your planner layout for this week stand out?  Comment in the section below as I would love to hear. 

Until next time,

Happy Planning!

Nati J. 

Chic Planning – January 2-8, 2017: I AM…

Hello Everyone!  

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the cold weather. I know for me, I will be indoors most of the time and drinking hot cocoa and hopefully getting some craft time in. 

This week my planner theme is:  I am!  “I am” because what comes after is so important!  We believe what we think. So in the spirit of the new year, I wanted to make sure that I made only positive affirmations on my life. So, let’s get started with this week’s layout!

On the left panel, I made sure to have the “I am” statement stand out. 

And here on the right side, I wanted to still have positive thoughts in the layout. 

Here is the full spread. I like how the affirmations stand out. The arrows are moving forward towards the future. Overall, I like the look and feel of the layout and how all the pieces came together.  What are some of the affirmations you plan on making in your life this year?  

Until next time,

Happy Planning,

Nati J. 

Chic Planning:  January Motivation 

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

It’s so hard to believe that it’s 2017.  I’m so excited to see what is in store for the year ahead. I’m hoping for us all that we flourish in all aspects of our lives. 

Today, I wanted to share with you all my January monthly layout, so let’s get started!

Here is the left side of my layout. I feel that in the new year, we are all trying to reflect on the past year as well as what we want to accomplish in the new year. Along with that we also want to rejuvenate and renew our souls and well being. 

Here is the right side of my layout.  Here, I continued with the quotes. 

Here is the full spread. I really wanted to focus on motivational quotes. If you’re going to hustle and make things happen this year, do it. Say no to unnecessary drama – only allow positive vibes in your life. Be who you are unapologetically.  Rise & Grind and know that there are only so many tomorrows. Our mountains are in front of us. Let’s climb them and claim what is ours!!!!!

Until next time, 

Happy Planning!

Nati J.